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R&D Structure

As an R&D-based company, we continue to venture into product development keeping a close eye on the future

We create products of next-generation while constantly identifying the needs of the times. This is the stance of Wako Pure Chemical Industries, which aims to become an R&D-based company.
To achieve this, we have built an organization where all of our divisions, sales, research, development and manufacturing, work in unison to meet customer requests. We also take advantage of our global network to be the first to seize the progress of science and technologies in the world as well as various social needs and requirements.
Our research laboratories in Osaka and Tokyo play central roles in these endeavors. They bring together Wako's unique, outstanding technological capabilities and cutting-edge facilities and systems. We pursue flexible and speedy R&D for all business sectors covered with our Laboratory Chemicals, Speciality Chemicals, and Diagnostic Reagents Divisions, and work to create new products that win a high level of customer satisfaction.

An R&D system with a trinity of divisions
to create new products

[R&D system for Laboratory Chemicals and Diagnostics Reagents]

We have established a system for the creation of high-quality products in the Laboratory Chemicals and Diagnostic Reagents Divisions, and built a flexible, speedy response system in the Specialty Chemical Division, and continue research and development that satisfy all of our customers.