fujifilm Wako

Research Laboratories

In addressing the needs of society and customers,
our laboratories continue to pursue new values

The four research centers that lead Wako's research and development were established according to their respective research field. Each laboratory addresses the detailed needs of its specific field and the development speed requirement of the customer. Again, we are highly resolved to meet the challenges that prioritizes developing new and original products.

Reagent Research Laboratories

Our reagent research laboratories are located in Tokyo and Osaka where a coast-to-coast system coordinates research development such as the synthesis, purification and liquid preparation of reagents to enable precise and speedy measures to address the needs of our customers.
Introduction of cutting-edge technology based on our synthetic organic chemistry technology perfected over the years. Development of reagents is being conducted in fields such as environmental analysis, genetics and cellular organisms, chromatography and organic reagents.
Location: Inside Tokyo and Osaka plants

Speciality Chemicals Research Laboratories

Our Speciality Chemicals Research Center utilizes clean chemistry technologies to meet and exceed customer expectations for custom synthesis.
In addition to developing specialty chemicals for information storage materials, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, industrial photographic chemicals, polymer related materials and the electronics industry chemicals, Speciality Chemicals is also engaged in proprietary product development and custom-order services.
Location: Inside Tokyo plant

Diagnostics Research Laboratories

Optimizing our technological expertise in a diverse range of fields such as analytical chemistry, genetic engineering, cellular engineering, immunochemistry and biochemistry, the focus at this laboratories are to research and develop new and highly original products in the biochemical and immunochemical fields.
Our research activities respond to the present day needs of society, the core of which, are cancer-specific diagnostic reagents, reagents for the diagnosis and prevention of life-style diseases such as diabetes, and diagnostic reagents for bacterial and viral infections.
Location: Inside Osaka plant

Life Science Research Laboratories

At Life Science Research Laboratories, we aim to develop cutting-edge products acknowledged by the global market through coordination between the Laboratory Chemicals Division and Diagnostic Chemicals Division.
Two principal pillars of research and development are being conducted - the R&D of culture reagents and culture media for stem cells used in regenerative medicine, and the development of antibodies and kits for MicroRNA analysis - which contribute to developing highly original products in other fields such as proteins.
Location: Inside Osaka plant