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Clinical Diagnostics Reagents

We aim to provide value that keeps pace
with progress in the medical field.
To do this, we will continue our global business evolution.

Interest in healthcare continues to grow. High hopes are now pinned on the diagnostic tests to enable prevention of diseases, as well as their early detection and treatment.
Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd. is engaged in the research, development, and manufacturing of a diverse range of products, such as assay kits for the diagnosis of cancer and life-style related diseases, and infectious disease assays.
We are also steadfastly fulfilling our mission as a comprehensive diagnostic reagent manufacturer by developing assays that integrate reagents and instruments, and by promoting comprehensive total solutions for medical management and operations.
We will contribute to the advancement of the quality of medicine by continuing to develop valuable assays in cutting-edge areas, supporting future medicine such as disease prognosis and diagnosis, and predisposition detection.

Principal areas of engagement

  • Biochemical test reagents
  • Allergy test reagents
  • Hormone and tumor marker test reagents
  • Blood coagulation test reagents
  • Blood transfusion test reagents
  • Urine test reagents
  • Infectious diseases test reagents
  • Fecal occult blood test reagents

As total solutions supplier, we propose comprehensive testing and management systems to meet medical needs

[A total solutions supplier]

The important issues in clinical testing laboratories of hospitals are the systematic integration of instruments, quick testing and coordination with other divisions. We offer comprehensive proposals about selection of optimal instruments and management of testing laboratory work.

We use our unique, innovative technologies to develop products of value one after another.

AFP-L3%, a tumor marker examination reagent used to recognize the potential of developing liver cancer, is a original product we developed. The(1→3)-D-glucan measurement reagent used to test deep mycosis plays a key role in diagnosing infections and optimizing the course of treatment. * Not FDA approved in the USA yet

An extensive lineup of diagnostic reagents that can respond to diverse needs

With a wide array of diagnostic reagents starting with biochemical test reagents for autoanalyzers, test reagents for hormones and tumor markers, blood transfusion test reagents and so on, we are able to address various laboratory needs through the provision of application data.
We also exhibit our products at annual meetings in Europe and the United States.

A steadfast quality assurance system to ensure stable supply of high-quality products

As an assurance of consistent supply of our high-quality diagnostic reagents, we have achieved ISO 13485 certification. We also practice the Quality System Regulations (QSR) required by the USA's FDA to institute a quality management system that complies with international standards and ensures thorough quality control throughout our operations across all borders.
We have also attained ISO Guide 34 accreditation as a reference material producer and fulfilling ISO/IEC 17025 requirements for "organic and diagnostic test reference materials."