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Speciality Chemicals

To create safe and comfortable living,
our developing technology is utilized here too.

Product lines in the Speciality Chemicals Division are closely involved with society and peoples' lives.
This is why at Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd., we work not only to expedite and optimize development and manufacturing processes and improve the quality of operations; we are also focusing on the development of high value-added products and proposing custom-order business, always bearing in mind user requirements and the sites where these products are applied.
Our flexible approach is supported by our unique organic synthesis technologies and precise evaluation technologies that we have built up over many years of reagent manufacturing, and by our reliable custom manufacturing based on integrated quality control systems.
With superior technologies that support both flexibility and speed, and with our operational setup equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and systems, we are helping to create a safe, affluent society.

Principal areas of engagement

  • Polymer-related materials
  • Intermediates for organic synthesis
  • Photographic Chemicals
  • Custom manufacturing
  • Green Chemistry
  • Chemicals for electronics manufacturing
  • Materials for pharmaceutical and cosmetic use

Custom solutions business with comprehensive follow-up, from product development to commercial production

[Custom solutions business]

We utilize our expertise as a specialty chemicals manufacturer and our quality control systems, in which we pride ourselves, to take part in our customers' commercial projects as a trusted partner in their production processes.
We provide powerful support from the precision synthesis perspective in all processes, from development to scale up and commercialization.

Development of high-functional. custom-made products.

We provide both domestic and overseas customers with unique products of outstanding quality for a wide range of fields, including the information electronics sector, comprising materials for electronic device components and display materials that serve as engines for business growth; the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics sector; the photographic industrial chemicals sector; and the polymer sector.

Our Aichi Plant, equipped with state-of-the-art quality control and production systems

This factory has adopted advanced, large-scale automation facilities and equipment to achieve cost advantages. It deploys advanced quality control and evaluation technologies, including GMP management, air conditioning, and metal management, to realize a reliable manufacturing system. This factory develops and manufactures precision chemicals that win high levels of customer satisfaction.

Promotion of solutions business built around the Aichi Plant

Using the Aichi Plant equipped with everything from pilot plants to commercial plants, as a core, we have built an integrated development structure to speed up manufacturing and production processes and to propose even more relevant solutions business to our customers.