fujifilm Wako

Quality Assurance System

ISO 9001(JIS Q 9001) Quality Management System
Quality Management System Standards ISO 9001: 2008
Registration Date 1995.8.28 (JCQA-0067)
Registered Organization Departments related to Laboratory Chemicals · Specialty Chemicals
(Head Office, Tokyo Head Office, regional offices, sales offices, plants, laboratories, etc.)
Scope of Activity
  • 1. Development, Manufacture and Sales of Specific Purpose Chemicals for Research Use
  • 2. Development, Manufacturer and Sales of Commodity Chemicals for Laboratory Use
  • 3. Development, Manufacture and Sales of Azo Polymerization Initiators
  • 4. Manufacture and Sales of High Purity Chemicals and Detergents for Semiconductor Industry
  • 5. Manufacture and Sales of Photographic Chemicals
  • 6. Manufacture and Sales of Raw Materials for Pharmaceutical Excipients
  • 7. Manufacturer and Sales of Information Recording Materials
Certified by Japan Chemical Quality Assurance Ltd. (JCQA)

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