fujifilm Wako

Our Advantages

As Japan's leading reagent company.
Wako's strength lies in a comprehensive quality capable of
addressing the next generation requirements.

A comprehensive high quality is imperative for reagents. The quality assurance of our reagents along with the timely delivery of the proper reagents enable scientists and doctors to conduct precision experiments and obtain accurate clinical test results.
This will help advance research activities and determine proper treatment methods that will in turn lead to new discoveries and effective treatments. In addition, as a whole industry, cutting-edge technology can be realized by providing the quality that addresses the customer's needs.

Wako's business has started when we provided reagents for researchers for the spirit of social contribution in its early years. Since then, for over ninety years, we have continued to meet the requirements of researchers, medical care and cutting-edge industry with the highest purity and assured quality and established the supply system. As a total quality company with technological, management, and response capabilities, we have continued and will continue our development.

The source of its driving power is our focus on a comprehensive quality control which will address the requirements in the next generation.
Our corporate focus, "99 percent purity is not surprising, we need a technology to achieve 99.99 percent purity," encourages us to realize precise measurement, which leads to a foundation of a new great discovery in some cases.

As a R&D-based corporation, Wako will continue to provide customers with added value beyond their expectations. We aim to be a partner of our customers by providing satisfying study results and supporting their innovation.

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited was established in 1922 after the spinning off of the pharmaceutical department of Takeda Chobei Shoten.
Achieved the highest purity and quality assurance and established a supply system.
As a R&D-based corporation, we aim to be a partner of our customers by supporting their innovation.

Future direction

By providing comprehensive high quality products which will respond to requirements in the next generation, we will continue to support research, development, and manufacturing in a diverse range of cutting-edge fields.

  • Laboratory Chemicals

    We address the needs of a diverse range of fields such as products related to life science and reagents for organic synthesis/environmental measurement, as well as cutting-edge research.

    [ Areas of focus ]
    Genome, bio-regenerative medicine, etc.
  • Speciality Chemicals

    Based on our sophisticated synthetic technique and purification methods, we develop, produce (by commissioning), and suggest highly value-added products.

    [ Areas of focus ]
    Battery materials technology, bio-regeneration technology, etc.
  • Clinical Diagnostics Reagents

    In order to prevent diseases and realize early detection and treatment, we are engaged in research, development, and manufacture of clinical diagnostic reagents for cancer, lifestyle diseases, and infectious diseases.

    [ Areas of focus ]
    Preventive medicine, personalized medicine