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Our Corporate Message

Being the strength for the next generation science

A pathway that leads to the 100th year of our company's founding.
Addressing next generation needs through continued excellence
in technology and quality.

Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd. was established in 1922 as a predecessor of Takeda Chobei Shoten (currently, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited) pharmaceutical department. At that time, scientific research was beginning to flourish in Japan, but researchers struggled securing the reagents indispensable for their experiments.

This is why we started importing pure chemicals for experimental use, wishing to help such researchers. Since then, after starting manufacturing of reagents for the first time in Japan, we have engaged in research for new pharmaceuticals, analyses of foods and environment, development of new materials, and early detection or prevention of diseases to provide products which would enrich life of people, in anticipation of requirements of the next generation science.

Our company's foundation is based on not only the provision of sophisticated reagents but also the globally balanced quality in technological, management, and response capabilities which can respond to requirements of the next generation.

For the past ninety years, we have continued to develop as a leading company in Japan's reagent market. As an innovation partner bringing satisfaction to our customers' study results for the future, we will continue to uphold our founding philosophy, "serve the well-being of all people."

Towards the next generation science... our strengths

The next generation science...Our four strengths

Being the strength for the next generation science

Wako has begun to change in order to become
the power of support for your R&D under this slogan.

Vectors for development inherited since our foundation
Wako's CI logo - the Scale Crest or triangle - symbolizes our legacy and trustworthiness. The vectors which make this triangle signify our consistent objective to achieve continuous development for the advancement of science - an unchanged legacy since our foundation.
Synergy from collaboration will lead to
the next generation science
Wako has continued to upgrade its technologies in three key business fields in order to respond to the next generation needs. The overlapping vectors pointing to the future signify the centralized proprietary expertise of our three key business fields, which provide solutions demanded by our customers.