Genetic Research

Wako offers an extensive lineup of Alkaline Phosphatase products
      optimized for genetic research.

Alkaline Phosphatase, Line Up Information

NEW Product:  Alkaline Phosphatase Solution HG, from Shrimp (Wako Catalog No.296-68301 (500 units))


We at Wako have a lineup of high-quality Alkaline Phosphatase products for Genetic research, including Nippon Gene's ones. What is more, we have recently added a high-quality Alkaline Phosphatase derived from shrimp to our lineup.

An extensive lineup of products for Genetic Research

High performance

Reaction buffer is added, respectively.

Product lineup

1) Alkaline Phosphatase Solution HG, from Shrimp (SAP)
    NEW!!   Wako Cat. #296-68301 (500 units)

2) Bacterial Alkaline Phosphatase (E. coli A19) (BAP)*
    Wako Cat. #318-01531 (20U)

3) Bacterial Alkaline Phosphatase (E. coli C75) (BAP)*
    Wako Cat. #310-01591 (60U); #316-01593 (300U)

Related Product

4) Tobacco Acid Pyrophosphatase (TAP)
        Wako Cat. #313-04021 (200U)


Alkaline Phosphatase Solution HG derived from Shrimp (SAP)--a New Addition to the Lineup!
This product is a high-quality Alkaline Phosphatase with an extremely low contamination of deoxyribonuclease and ribonuclease. It will completely deactivate after 15 minutes of heat treatment at 65℃. An Alkaline Phosphatase that has a track record of use in our micro-RNA Cloning Kit Wako (Wako Cat. #290-66501), this product is ideal for cloning low-molecular RNA and other experiments that require a high degree of reproducibility.

Tobacco Acid Pyrophosphatase (TAP)
This product is an enzyme that specifically cleaves the distinctive structures of pyrophosphate linkages, which are called gcaph (m7Gppp), to the 5f terminal of the mRNA of eukaryotic cells. Refined to a high degree of purity, this product causes the cap structure to come apart once the TAP treatment has been performed, and it can react easily with the nucleic acid in the 3f terminal of the OH group by means of an RNA ligase reaction, since a phosphate group remains in the 5f terminal of the mRNA.