Analytical Chemistry

Certified Reference Materials supplied by National Metrology Institute of Japan


NMIJ CRMs are...

NMIJ CRMs are produced by National Metrology Institute of Japan.

Certified value is determined by accurate measurement procedures including primary methods.
Production according to quality management system based on ISO Guide 34.
Certification and Production according to ISO Guide 35.
Traceable to SI.
Uncertainty evaluation in accordance with GUM.

NMIJ CRMs can be used for
Calibration of instruments,
Validation of analytical methods and measurement results,
and Quality Control for analytical methods.


Industrial Material for EPMA
Industrial Material
High Purity Inorganic Material
Organic (High Purity Material)
Organi (Standard Solution)
Organic (for Clinical Chemistry)
Environment (Food)
Environment (for Chemical Speciation)
for Green Procurement

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