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The microRNA matured in multiple steps in the cells is taken into a protein compound called an RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC), and it is known that it bonds with Argonaute (Ago) subfamily protein as its main component.

Specific purification of RNA bound to protein of the Ago subfamily is considered to be an important technology for microRNA function determination, discrimination of new microRNA, and analysis of interaction between microRNA and mRNA.


for Highly Efficient & East-to-Use Adaptor Ligation
microRNA Cloning Kit Wako (Cat. #290-66501)

for Effective 65 Ligation of ssDNA, ssRNA
ssDNA Ligase, thermostable (Cat. #298-65103; 292-65101)

microRNA Isolation kit [pdf] using IP method with anti-Ago1, 2 & 3

MAb for IP & purification of RNA captured by RISC
Anti Ago1 and Anti Ago2 [pdf]

for cloning of microRNA-targeted mRNA from Ago IP RNA fraction
Target mRNA Cloning Kit (Code #298-68001)

10 min-assay of amplified cDNA encoding target mRNA
PCR Purification Kit Wako (Cat. #298-67901)


The Pathway of Translational Silencing by microRNA

Pathway of Translational Silenceing by microRNA