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C. Research for Biological Defense Mechanism

1. LPS (Lipopolysaccharide)

LPS is the component of the outermost layer of the cell wall of Gram-negative bacteria. Two kinds of products, one prepared by isolating rough LPS from cells by phenol-water extraction (Westphal method) (product purified by phenol extraction) and the other purified by ultracentrifugation and washed twice (product purified by ultracentrifugation), are available. These can be used for studies on the induction of various inflammatory responses.
Three LPSs of Proteus vulgaris strains are used for serodiagnosis (Weil-Felix reaction) of rickettsial infections (anthema, epidemic typhus, trombiculiasis). It has been revealed that the LPS O-antigens of Rickettsias and Proteus vulgaris have a consensus structure.
Description strain purifidcation Wako Cat. No. (Pkg. Size) Grade Storage
Lipopolysaccharide, from Escherichia coli [LPS], Lyophilized,Lyophilized
O26 by phenol extraction 120-05131 (25 mg) for Cellbiology Ship and keep at 2-10 ˚C
O55 by phenol extraction 127-05141 (25 mg)
O111 by phenol extraction 125-05201 (25 mg)
O127 by phenol extraction 124-05151 (25 mg)
O26 by ultracentrifugation 121-05161 (5 mg)
O55 by ultracentrifugation 128-05171 (5 mg)
O103 by ultracentrifugation 126-05471 (5 mg)
O111 by ultracentrifugation 125-05181 (5 mg)
O127 by ultracentrifugation 122-05191 (5 mg)
O157 by ultracentrifugation 129-05461 (5 mg)
Lipopolysaccharide, from Proteus vulgaris [LPS], Lyophilized,Lyophilized
OX2 by phenol extraction 124-05271 (25 mg)
OX19 by phenol extraction 121-05281 (25 mg)
OXK by phenol extraction 128-05291 (25 mg)
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