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8. NMR Test Tubes

NMR Test Tubes


Wako off ers glass test tubes for NMR analysis. High grade glass tubes are available at reasonable prices. We provide two types of tubes having diff erent outside diameters; S-Type (Standard), and HG-Type (High Grade). While the S-Type has a relatively wider OD, the HG-Type has a narrower OD allowing for better accuracy of the analysis. In a high frequency range, it is advisable to use the HG-Type with less noise. Two diff erent lengths of tube, 7- and 8-inch, are also available, allowing you to choose a suitable length to fi t your NMR system. Samples are available on request.

Description OD (mm) Wall Thickness (mm) Target Frequency (MHz) Tube Material Cap Material Wako Cat. No. (Pkg. Size
7 inch (178 mm) length
NMR Test Tube S-Type (Standard) 4.932 ~ 4.970 0.4 100 ~ 800 Borosilicate glass Polyethylene 291-47851 (10 ea.)
297-47853 (100 ea.)
NMR Test Tube HG-Type (High Grade) 4.951 ~ 4.965 297-47951 (10 ea.) 293-47953 (100 ea.)
8 inch (203 mm) length
NMR Test Tube S-Type (Standard) 4.932 ~ 4.970 0.4 100 ~ 800 Borosilicate glass Polyethylene 293-48151 (10 ea.)
299-48153 (100 ea.)
NMR Test Tube HG-Type (High Grade) 4.951 ~ 4.965 295-48351 (10 ea.) 291-48353 (100 ea.)

Caps for NMR Test Tube


In addition to the red and green caps currently attached to 7-inch and 8-inch tubes respectively, white, blue and yellow caps are also available, off ering, a total of fi ve colors. Th ey are made from polyethylene. Due to easy labeling, these colored caps are extremely useful when conducting numerous measurements at once.
Please use these caps together with the test tubes.

Description Wako Cat. No. (Pkg. Size) Material of Cap
Polyethylene Cap for NMR Test Tube
Red 297-49151 (100 ea.) Polyethylene
Green 293-49251 (100 ea.)
White 299-49351 (100 ea.)
Blue 290-49401 (100 ea.)
Yellow 291-49551 (100 ea.)
Description Wako Cat. No. (Pkg. Size) Grade Storage
Tetramethylsilane 201-08451 (10 mL)
209-08452 (25 mL)
for NMR Keep at 2 ~ 10˚C
in a dark place.
(S)-(-)-2-Methoxy-2-(trifl uoromethyl) phenylacetic Acid 131-09121 (1 g)
(R)-(+)-2-Methoxy-2-(trifl uoromethyl) phenylacetic Acid 138-09131 (1 g)

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