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6. Fluorescent Probes

Highly Selective Fluorescent Probe for Hydrogen Peroxide
BES-H2O2-Ac (cell-permeant), BES-H2O2 (cell-impermeant)

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) such as superoxide (O2 -.), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), and the hydroxyl radical (HO . ) are important mediators of pathological processes in various diseases. 2',7'-Dichlorofl uorescein (DCFH) and its diacetyl derivative have been widely used as fl uorescent probes for measuring cell-derived H2O2, but these compounds suffer from the major drawback that they are poorly selective toward H2O2.
Wako has launched two kinds of BES-H2O2, which are probes for cell-derived H2O2 and cell-impermeat H2O2 with high selectively.
BES-H2O2-Ac is applicable to clarifying cell response as well as dynamic function of H2O2 with diseases.

Fluorescent images of Jurkat T cells with BES- H2O2 -Ac and the same-fi eld phase-contrast images Jurkat T cells were cultured in a medium with 50µM BES-H2O2-Ac for 1 hour. Then, one group of them was cultured in a medium with 5mM butyric acid (H2O2-produced stimulation), whereas the other in a medium without butyric acid (No H2O2-produced stimulation), each for 1 hour. (Courtesy: Professor Hatsuo Maeda, PhD., School of Pharmacy, Hyogo Univ. of Health Sciences)

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