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6. Fluorescent Probes

Superoxide selective fl uorescent probe
BES-So-AM (cell-permeant), BES-So (cell-impermeant)

Since superoxide (O2 -.) is a reactive oxygen having weak cytotoxicity, it is getting attention as a molecule positioned on the uppermost stream side of various reactive oxygen species.
O2 -. is detected based on different chemiluminescence and fl uorescence methods. Among these detection methods, hydroethidine is commonly used but existing probes including hydroethidine are pointed out to have low selectivity for O2 -.. BES-So shows a fl uorescence by non-redoxreaction dependent mechanism, and indicates high selectivity for O2 -..

Fluorescent images of Jurkat T cells with BES-So-AM and the same-fi eld phase-contrast images
Jurkat T cells were cultured in a medium with 33µM BES-So-AM at 37℃ for 1 hour. Then, one group (1) was cultured in the medium with 4 mM butyric acid (O2 -.-produced stimulation), whereas the other group (2) in a medium without butyric acid (no O2 -.-produced stimulation) at 37℃ for 1 hour. A group (3) was cultured in a medium with 33µM BES-So-AM and Tiron (super-oxide scavenger), and then 5 mM butyric acid was added in the medium.
(Courtesy: Professor Hatsuo Maeda, PhD, School of Pharmacy, Hyogo University of Health Sciences)

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