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8. Physiological Active Substances

New Protein Synthesis Inhibitor - Isoleucyl tRNA Synthesis Enzyme Inhibitor
Reveromycin A Sodium Salt
Wako Cat. No. 185-02181 (500 µg) <for Cellbiology>
Keep at -20℃

This product is an antibiotic isolated from Streptomyces. It targets isoleucyl-tRNA synthetase and inhibits protein synthesis in eukaryotes. It has been investigated for it antitumor and antifungal activities.
However, recent studies have revealed that low-dose of reveromycin A induces cell death of activated osteoclasts, which leads to acidic environment. Thus it receives attention as a candidate for the treatment of osteoporosis / multiple myeloma.
This new inhibitor was discovered by Dr. Hiroyuki Osada, Antibiotics laboratory of Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN, Japan).

Source: Streptomyces reveromyceticus SN593
Appearance: Lyophilized
Woo, J. T., Kawatani, M., Kato, M., Shinki, T., Yonezawa, T., Kanoh, N., Nakagawa, H., Takami, M., Lee, K.H., Stern, P.H., Nagai, K. and Osada, H.: Proc. Natl. Acad.Sci. USA: 103(12), 4729 (2006).
Apoptosis Inhibitor
Wako Cat. No.182-02191 (200 µg) <for Cellbiology>
Keep at -20℃

This product, which was discovered by Dr. Hiroyuki Osada, Antibiotics Laboratory of Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) under license from RIKEN, is a derivative of epoxycylohexenone isolated from Paecilemyces. It has lower toxicity than epoxycylohexenone. Like epoxycylohexenone, it inhibits apoptosisi not by inhibition of perforindependent pathway by cytotoxic T lymphocytes but by selective inhibition of Fas ligand-dependent pathway alone.

Source: Paecilomyces sp.
Appearance: Lyophilized
Solubility: Soluble in ethanol
Mitsui, T., Miyake, Y., Kakeya, H., Hayashi, Y., Osada, H. and Kataoka, T. : Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem.: 69 (10), 1923 (2005).
Potent Inhibitor of Ca2+ Release
Ryanodine, from Ryania speciosa, 98.0+% (HPLC)
Wako Cat. No. 181-02281 (1 mg); 187-02283 (5 mg) <for Cellbiology>
Keep at -20℃

A Ca2+ Channel Inhibitor Ryanodine is an alkaloid isolated from Ryania speciosa Vahl.
It acts to increase calcium permeability by binding to the sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium channel.

1) Alexandre, F.: "Eff ects of ryanodine in skinned cardiac cells", Federation Proceedings, 44, 2970 (1985)
2) Ito, K., Ikemoto, T., Aoki, S. and Ota, M.: "Eff ects of ryanodine and 9,21-didehydroryanodine on caff eine-induced contraction of rat and guinea pig aortae", Japan. J. Pharmacol., 51, 531-8 (1989)
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