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Description Wako Cat. # [Manufacturer's product #] Assay Range Applicability
1-a Adiponectin
Adiponectin, Mouse/Rat High Molecular WeightAdiponectin ELISA Kit * 634-13071 (96 wells) [AKMAN-011] 3.13 ~ 200 ng/mL serum, plasma
1-b A/G ratio (Ratio of Albumin to Globulin)
Labssay™ A/G (BCG method, Biuret method)292-63901 (1,000 tests)~ 6 g/dL (Albumin)~12 g/dL (total protein)(as reference values)serum (mouse, human)
1-c Albumin
Mouse Albumin ELISA Kit634-04301 (96 tests)[AKRAL-121]50 ~ 1,000 ng/mLserum, plasma, urine
Rat Albumin ELISA Kit631-04311 (96 tests)[AKRAL-120]50 ~ 1,000 ng/mLserum, plasma, urine
Panatest® Rat Albumin (EIA method)305-04661 (96 tests)[PRD51]16 ~ 1,000 ng/mLurine
Panatest® Canine Albumin (EIA method)304-15501 (96 tests)[PCJ131]31 ~ 2,000 ng/mLurine
1-d Alkaline Phosphatase
LabAssay™ ALP291-58601 (900 tests)above 0.06 mmmol/L
1-e Apo B-48
Human Apo B-48 ELISA Kit *637-10641 (96 tests)[AKHB48]2.5 ~ 160 ng/mLserum, plasma, urine
1-f CETP
Human CETP ELISA Kit Wako290-65401 (72 tests)0 ~ 4.8 μg/mLserum
1-g C-Peptide
Rat C-Peptide ELISA Kit Wako295-57401 (96 tests)1.56 ~ 50 ng/mLserum, plasma, culture media
Rat C-peptide ELISA Kit (U type)639-07271 (96 tests)[AKRCP-030]30 ~ 3,000 pg/mLserum, plasma
Mouse C-peptide ELISA Kit (U type)631-07231 (96 tests)[AKRCP-031]30 ~ 3,000 pg/mLserum, plasma, urine
1-h Creatinine
LabAssay™ Creatinine (Jaff é method)290-65901 (500 tests)See the standard curveserum, urine (mouse)
1-i Glucagon
Rat Glucagon ELISA Kit Wako297-57101 (96 tests)50 ~10,000 pg/mLserum, plasma, culture supernatant (rat, mouse,human)
1-j GLP-1
Rat GLP-1 ELISA Kit Wako291-59201 (96 tests)206 ~ 50,000 pg/mLplasma (rat, mouse, human)
1-k GLP-2
Rat GLP-2 ELISA Kit Wako292-60601 (96 tests)0.137 ~ 100 ng/mLserum, plasma
1-l Glucose
LabAssay™ Glucose (Mutarotase-GOD method)298-65701 (1,000 tests)0 ~ 500 mg/dLserum, urine
1-m Leptin
Rat Leptin ELISA Kit Wako297-57601 (96 tests)78.1 ~ 5,000 pg/mL (cultured media), 312.5 ~ 20,000 pg/mL (serum/plasma)serum, plasma, culture supernatant
1-n Insulin
Determination of Insulin from animals in normal state
Mouse Insulin ELISA Kit (TMB)634-01481 (96 tests)[AKRIN-011T]156 ~ 10,000 pg/mLserum, plasma
Rat Insulin ELISA Kit (TMB)637-01471 (96 tests)[AKRIN-010T]156 ~ 10,000 pg/mLserum, plasma
Dog Insulin ELISA Kit633-01451 (96 tests)[AKRIN-012T]188 ~ 12,000 pg/mLserum, plasma
Porcine Insulin ELISA Kit (TMB)630-01461 (96 tests)[AKRIN-013T]188 ~ 12,000 pg/mLserum, plasma
Hamster Insulin Standard630-07103 (5 x 250 μL)[ASIN-001]Hamster or Rabbit insulin can be measured with Rat Insulin ELISA Kit (TMB)serum, plasma
Rabbit Insulin Standard637-07113(5 x 250 μL)[ASIN-003]
Determination of high level of insulin in samples such as transgenic mouse and Min-6
Mouse Insulin ELISA Kit (H-type)630-10371 (96 tests)[AKRIN-011H]0.5 ~ 100 ng/mLserum, plasma, cultured tissue,media
Rat Insulin ELISA Kit (H-type)633-10621 (96 tests)[AKRIN-010H]0.5 ~ 100 ng/mL
Specifi c determination of Insuline
Mouse Insulin ELISA Kit (S-type)636-07281 (96 tests)[AKRIN-011S]78 ~ 5,000 pg/mLserum, plasma
Rat Insulin ELISA Kit (S-type)637-07191 (96 tests)[AKRIN-010S]100 ~ 10,000 pg/mL
1-o Triglyceride
LabAssay™ Triglyceride (GPO.DAOS method) 290-63701 (1,000 tests) See the standard curve serum (mouse, human)
1-p Uric Acid
LabAssay™ Uric Acid (Uricase .TOOS method) 292-64001 (1,300 tests) See the standard curve serum (mouse, human)
*: Available in USA only.
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