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1. Kits

1-a) Adiponectin (HMW) - manufactured by Shibayagi -

1. Rapid assay from mouse / rat serum or plasma (total reaction time: 4 hours)
2. Ready-to-Use liquid reagents, for determination of high molecular weight adiponectin
3. A small sample volume (10μL serum/plasma with 50 x dilution)
4. An ecologically excellent preservative is used.
5. Excellent precision and reproducibility


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Description Catalog No. (Pkg. Size) Dynamic Range Note
Mouse/Rat High Molecular Weight Adiponectin
634-13071 (96 tests)
3.13 ~ 200 ng/mL Keep at 2~8°C
[Kit Contents]
1. Anti-adiponectin-coated plate96 wells (8 x 12)/plate
2. Standard adiponectin solution (2,000 ng/mL)200 μL
3. Buff er Solution60 mL
4. HRP-conjugated anti-adiponectin100 μL
5. Chromogenic substrate reagent (TMB)12 mL
6. Reaction Stopper (1M H2SO4)12 mL
7. Concentrated washing buff er (10 x)100 mL

[ ] : Shibayagi Product No. * : Available in USA, only

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1-b) A/G ratio (Ratio of Albumin to Globulin)

Blood serum contains two major protein groups: albumin and globulin. The ratio of albumin to globulin (A/G ratio) is calculated from values obtained by direct measurement of total protein and albumin. It represents the relative amounts of albumin and globulins. This kit is able to measure total protein in mouse and human serum by the Biuret method and albumin by the BCG (Bromocresol green) method, and furthermore to calculate A/G ratio.


(1) Sensitivity (Absorbance):
Purified water: 0.120 ~ 0.220 / Std Serum (5.0 g/dL Alb): 0.480 ~ 0.810
(2) Specificity (albumin concentration):
a known concentration of control serum: within ±12%

Total Protein

(1) Sensitivity (Absorbance):
Purified water: 0.050 ~ 0.100 / Std Serum (8.0g/dL Total protein): 0.300 ~ 0.500
(2) Specificity (protein concentration)
a known concentration of control serum: within ±10%
1) Doumas, B. T., Watson, W. A. and Biggs, H. G. : "Albumin standards and the measurement of serum albumin with bromcresol green", Clin. Chem. Acta., 31, 87 (1971).
2) Gornall, A. G., Bardawill, C. J. and David, M. M. : "Determination of serum proteins by means of the biuret reaction", J. Biol. Chem., 177, 751 (1949).
Description Catalog No. (Pkg. Size) Storage Condition Dynamic Range
(reference value)
LabAssay™ A/G
(BCG method, Biuret method)
292-63901 (1,000 tests) Keep at 2 ~ 10°C 0.10 ~ 6 g/dL (Albumin) 0.40~12 g/dL (total protein)
[Kit Contents]
1. Buff er2 vials x 150 mL
2. Chromogen Reagent2 vials x for 150 mL
3. Glucose Standard I (200 mg/dL Glucose)1 vial x 10 mL
4. Glucose Standard II (500 mg/dL Glucose)1 vial x 10 mL

[ ] : Shibayagi Product No. * : Available in USA, only

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