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1. Kits

1-d) Alkaline Phosphatase


Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP) is distributed in a variety of tissues such as liver, bone and small intestine in animals. The change of the enzyme activity in tissues is an important hallmark for physiological phenomena as osteogenesis and so on.
This kit is for Alkaline Phosphatase assay in a simultaneous multisample assay format with a microplate using p-Nitrophenylphosphate as a substrate.

Yamamoto, M., Takahashi, Y., Tabata, Y. : "Controlled release by biodegradable hydrogels enhances the ectopic bone formation of bone morphogenetic protein", Biomaterials, 24 (24), 4375-83 (2003).
Description Wako Cat. # (Pkg. Size) Dynamic Range Note
LabAssay™ ALP
(Alkaline Phosphatase activity assay with
p-Nitrophenylphosphate as a substrate)
291-58601 (900 tests) above 0.06 mmol/L Keep at 2~10°C
[Kit Contents]
1. Substrate Tablet20 tablets
2. Buff er Solution (pH 9.8)1 vial x 100 mL
3. Stop Solution (0.2 mol/L Sodium Hydroxide Solution)1 vial x 100 mL
4. Standard Solution (0.5 mmol/L p-Nitrophenol Solution1 vial x 10 mL
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1-e) Apo B-48 Measurement - manufactured by Shibayagi -

Apolipoprotein B-48 contained in blood can be accurately, quickly and conveniently assayed with this kit manufactured by Shibayagi. The apo B-48 assay method and/or the apo B-48 assay kit are very useful for research for apo B-48-associated disease and evaluation of the effi cacy of an ingredient in a remedy for hyperlipemia and a component in a functional food capable of elevating or lowering blood apo B-48 level.

1. Rapid assay (total reaction time:2 hours 50 minutes)
2. A small sample volume
3. An ecologically excellent preservative is used.
4. Excellent precision and reproducibility.

Cross-reaction to human apo B-100 is less than lower detection limit.

For further information, please visit

Description Wako Cat. # (Pkg. Size) Dynamic Range Note
Human Apo B-48 ELISA Kit *
(Alkaline Phosphatase activity assay with
p-Nitrophenylphosphate as a substrate)
637-10641 (96 tests)
2.5 ~ 160 ng/mL Keep at 2~8°C
[Kit Contents]
1. Anti-apo B-48-coated plate96 wells (8 x 12) /plate
2. Standard human apo B-48 (frozen-dired)128 ng
3. Buff er Solution60 mL
4. Biotin-conjugated anti-apo B-48 antibody100 μL
5. Peroxidase-conjugated streptavidin100 μL
6. Chromogenic substrate reagent (TMB)12 mL
7. Reaction Stopper (1M H2SO4)12 mL
8. Concentrated washing buff er (10 x)100 mL

* : Available in USA, only

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