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1-g) C-Peptide



Insulin C-peptide (InsC-peptide) is derived from proinsulin by processing in vivo, and released into blood in almost equal molarity to insulin. By measurement of InsC-peptide in the serum, insulin secretion on pancreatic b cells in insulinadministrated rats and rats bearing antibody to insulin could be monitored.
On the surface of the microplate wells, goat anti rabbit IgG is coated, and when sample is reacted with rabbit anti rat InsC-peptide and biotinylated rat InsCpeptide in the well, the goat antibody captures the complex of the rabbit antibody and rat InsC-peptide formed in competitive reaction. Subsequent reaction with horseradish peroxides (HRP)-conjugated streptavidin to the complex on the well surface results in labeling of the complex with HRP which generates the signal for the presence of rat InsC-peptide in the sample.
Specifi c to rat InsC-peptide, but not reactive to either the corresponding of the other animal.

Description Wako Cat. # (Pkg. Size) Dynamic Range Note
Rat C-peptide ELISA Kit 295-57401 (96 tests) 1.56~50 ng/mL Keep and ship at 2~10°C
[Kit Contents]
1. Antibody-coated Microtiter Plate1 plate
2. Rat C-Peptide Standard50 ng
3. Biotinylated Rat C-Peptidefor 8 mL
4. Anti Rat C-Peptide12 mL
5. HRP-conjugated Streptavidin12 mL
6. Chromogen (OPD Tablet)2 tablets
7. Chromogen Diluent Solution24 mL
8. Wash Stock Solution (20 x )50 mL
9. Buffer35 mL
10. Stop Solution (1 mol/L H2SO4)12 mL
11. Adhensive Plate Cover3 covers
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C-Peptide High Sensitive (manufactured by Shibayagi)

1. Rapid Assay (5 hours)
2. Small sample volume (10 μL).
3. Ready-to-Use liquid reagents
4. Excellent precision and reproducibility.

Mouse ELISA a Reacts to mouse (100%); rat (90%) and human (95%)
Rat ELISA a Reacts to rat (100%); mouse (75%) and human (85%)

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Description Wako Cat. # (Pkg. Size) Dynamic Range Note
Mouse C-Peptide ELISA Kit (U Type) 631-07231 (96 tests)
30 ~ 3,000 pg/mL Keep and ship at 2~8°C
Rat C-Peptide ELISA Kit (U Type) 639-07271 (96 tests)
30 ~ 3,000 pg/mL
[Kit Contents]
1. Anti-C-peptide-coated plate96 wells (8 x 12)/plate
2. Standard C-peptide solution (6,000 pg/mL)500 μL
3. Buff er Solution60 mL
4. Biotin-conjugated anti-C-peptide100 μL
5. HRP-conjugated streptavidin100 μL
6. Chromogenic substrate reagent (TMB)12 mL
7. Reaction Stopper (1M H2SO4)12 mL
8. Concentrated washing buff er (10 x)100 mL
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