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1. Kits

1-h) Creatinine

Creatinine is a breakdown product of creatine phosphate in muscle.
It is mainly fi ltered by the kidneys, though a small amount is actively secreted. LabAssay™ Creatinine is based on an in vitro colorimetric Jaffé method for the quantitative determination of creatinine in mouse serum or urine.

1) Sensitivity in a test tube (Absorbance):
Purified water: 0.010 ~ 0.020 / 10mg/dL creatinine: 0.400 ~ 0.500
2)Specificity (Creatinine Concentration):
A known concentration of control serum: within ±10%

1) Bonsnes, R. W. and Taussky, H. H., "On the colorimetric determination of creatinine by the Jaff é reaction": J. Biol. Chem., 158, 581-91(1945).
2) Henry, R. J.: Clinical Chemistry, 287 (Harper & Row), New York (1966).

Description Wako Cat. # (Pkg. Size) Dynamic Range Note
LabAssay™ Creatinine
(Jaff é method)
290-65901 (500 tests) for Cellbiolory Keep at 2~10°C
[Kit Contents]
1. Deproteinizing Reagent1 vial x 150 mL
2. Picric Acid Reagent1 vial x 50 mL
3.0.75 mol/L Sodium Hydroxide Solution1 vial x 50 mL
4. Standard Solution (Creatinine 10 mg/dL)e 1 vial x 15 mL
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1-i) Glucagon


Glucagon is known as a hormone secreted from the pancreas and intestines. This kit aims at measurement of rat Glucagon peptide secreted from pancreatic a-cells by competitive format. Pancreatic Glucagon plays a important role in regulating sugar levels by elevating sugar in the blood, together with insulin.
Mixture of biotinylated rat Pancreatic Glucagon and that in the sample or the standard material binds to rabbit antibody specifi c to rat Pancreatic Glucagon coated on the microplate well surface in competitive fashion. Sequencial reaction with HRP-conjugated streptavidin results in a formation of HRP-streptavidin-biotinantibody complex in the well, which catalyzes hydrogen peroxide, generating color by oxidation of an acceptor substrate.
Dynamic range : 50 ~ 10,000 pg/mL
Specific to rat pancreatic Glucagon, but not cross-reactive to intestinal Glucagon nor Glucagon-like peptides as GLP-1 and GLP-2.

Description Wako Cat. # (Pkg. Size) Dynamic Range Note
Rat Glucagon ELISA Kit Wako 297-57101 (96 tests)
50 ~ 10,000 pg/mL Keep at 2~10°C
[Kit Contents]
1. Antibody-coated Micro Plate1 plate
2. Rat Glucagon Standard10 ng
3. Biotinylated Rat Glucagonfor 6 mL
4. HRP-conjugated Streptavidin12 mL
5. Chromogen (OPD Tablet)2 tablets
6. Chromogen Diluent Solution26 mL
7. Buff er A10 mL
8. Buff er B15 mL
9. Wash Stock Solution (20 x)50 mL
10. Stop Solution (1 mol/L H2SO4)12 mL
11. Adhesive Plate Cover4 covers
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