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1. Kits

1-n) Insulin

Shibayagi can support your basic research, specially your diabetes research by their wide-range of immunoassay kits.
Sibayagi provides various kinds of Insulin Assay Kits to measure animal insulin in normal state, high-level of insulin and insulin itself specifi cally. (Shibayagi's homepage: index-E.htm)


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1. Repid assay (3 hour reaction)
2. Highly-reproducible data (CV < 5 %)
3. TMB chromogenic reaction at 450 nm
4. Small sample volume
5. Excellent precision and reproducibility

Insulin (TMB) at normal state [manufactured by Shibayagi]


Insulin determination in normal state of mouse, rat, dog and porcine are applicable with the following kits. As for insulin measurement of hamster and rabbit, it enables insulin measurement by tying Rat Insulin ELISA Kit (TMB) to each Insulin Standard Solution, Hamster (Wako Cat. #634-07101) or Insulin Standard Solution, Rabbit (Wako Cat. #631-07111).

1. Small sample volume (10 μL)
2. Simple assay procedures
3. TMB chromogenic reaction at 450 nm

Description [Shibayagi Code No.] Wako Cat. # (Pkg. Size) Dynamic Range Note
Mouse Insulin ELISA Kit (TMB) [AKRIN-011T] 638-01489 (96 tests) 156 ~ 10,000 pg/mL Keep at 2~8°C
Rat Insulin ELISA Kit (TMB) [AKRIN-010T] 631-01479 (96 tests) 156 ~ 10,000 pg/mL
Dog Insulin ELISA Kit (TMB) [AKRIN-012T] 637-01459 (96 tests) 188 ~ 12,000 pg/mL
Porcine Insulin ELISA Kit (TMB) [AKRIN-013T] 634-01469 (96 tests) 188 ~ 12,000 pg/mL
[Kit Contents]
1. Anti-Insulin-coated plate 96 wells (8 x 12) / plate
2. Standard Insulin solution25 μL/vial
3. Buff er Solution60 mL/bottle
4. Biotin-conjugated anti-Insulin10 μL/vial
5. HRP-conjugated streptavidin20 μL/vial
6. Substrate chromogen reagent (TMB)12 mL/bottle
7. Reaction Stopper (1M H2SO4)12 mL/bottle
8. Washing buff er concentrate (10 x)100 mL/bottle

Description [Shibayagi Code No.] Wako Cat. # (Pkg. Size) Assay data Note
Hamster Insulin Standard [ASIN-001]
for determination of hamster insulin
630-07103 (250 μL x 5) Mean: 0.441 ng/mL
SD : 0.178 ng/mL
Keep at 2~8°C
Please use along with
Rat Insulin ELISA Kit (TMB) (Wako Cat. #637-01471).
Rabbit Insulin Standard [ASIN-003]
for determination of rabbit insulin
637-07113 (250 μL x 5) Mean: 0.745 ng/mL
SD : 0.334 ng/mL
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