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PPAR agonists & antagonists



Line-up of PPAR agonists and antagonists,
which are nuclear receptors related to lipid- and sugar-metabolism!!!

Increase the product lineup sequentially.


PPARüiPeroxisome proliferator-activated receptorüj, which is a nuclear receptor, is a transcription factor to regulate gene expression by forming hetero-dimer with RXRüiRetinoid X receptorüjand binding to promoter-region of target gene.

PPAR, is involved in lipid & sugar metabolism and cell proliferation & differentiation, is now attracting attention to the association between PPAR and diabetes, obesity & inflammation has been highly noted, lately.There are three subtypes: PPARâ┐üAPPARâ┬ üiPPARâ└üj and PPARâ┴.

Product Lineup

PPARâ┐Agonists: Bezafibrate; Clofibrate; Fenofibrate; WY-14643

PPARâ┐Antagonists: MK-886

PPARâ┴ Agonists: Ciglitazone; Troglitazone

PPARâ┴ Antagonists: GW9662