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for Oxidative Reactions
Hydrotalcite-supported gold (0) nanoparticle catalyst (Au/HT)

A catalyst featuring gold fixed in hydrotalcite is useful for oxidative reactions under milder conditions.


  1. Reaction

  2. Application 1 -Oxidation of 1-phenylethylethanol using Au/HT [a](1)

  3. Application 2 -Oxidation of various alcohol by using Au/HT [a](1)

  4. Reference

  5. Product List

1. Reaction

2. Application 1 - Oxidation of 1-phenolethanol using Au/HT [a](1)

3. Application 2 - Oxidation of various alcohols using Au/HT [a](1)

4. Reference
(1)T. Mitsudome, A. Noujima, T. Mizugaki, K. Jitsukawa, K. Kaneda:"Efficient aero oxidation of alcohols using a hydrotalcite-supported gold
nanoparticle catalyst", Adv. Synth. Catal., 351, 1890-1896 (2009).

5. Product List
Product Name Abbr. Grade Pkg. size Wako Catalog No.
Hydrotalcite-Supported Gold (0)
Nanoparticle Catalyst
Au/HT for Organic Synthesis 250 mg 083-09231
1 g 089-09233

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Home > Products > Chemicas > Hydrotalcite-supported gold (0) nanoparticle catalyst (Au/HT)