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FUJIFILMFUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical Corporation Laboratory Chemicals

for Organic Synthesis Condensing agent Package containing a large number

The most common method for constructing an amide or ester bond is the dehydration condensation reaction involving the activation of the carboxylic acid. There has been a variety of reports on condensing agents, and the problems sucn as the removal of byproducts or racemization have been known depending on the reaction agent.
HOAt and HOBt have been known as the additives to suppress the racemization problem.
HATU and HBTU including them in the molecules can suppress the racemization compared to DCC, etc..

1. Product List - HATU / HBTU

Product Name Package Size Wako Cat. No. Structural Formula Storage Condition
HATU 25 g 018-26122 Keep at 2-10°C.
100 g 010-26121
500 g 012-26125
HBTU 100 g 025-18781
500 g 027-18785

2. Related Products

Product Name Pkg. Size Wako Cat. No. Structural Formula Storage Condition

Manufactured by Dojindo Laboratories

25 g 349-03622 Keep at room temperature.
100 g 341-03621

Terminal alkyne synthesis reagents
3. Ohira - Bestmann reagents


  • A terminal alkene can be synthesized from an aldehyde.
  • The reaction progresses under mild conditions like potassium carbonate.
  • The reaction temperature also progresses under mild conditions at from a room temperature to about 0°C.

Product Name Package Size Wako Cat. No. Grade Storage Condition
Dimethyl (1-Diazo-2-oxopropyl)phosphonate
[Ohira -Bestmann reagent]
1 g 048-33651 for Organic Synthesis Keep at -20°C.
5 g 044-33653