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Hiyama Coupling Reaction Reagents

This product is the organic silicon compound useful for Hiyama coupling reaction.
HOMSi® reagent is the new organic silicon compound having a (2-Hydroxymethylphenyl) dimethylsilane skeleton.
Untill now, the combination with a strong base or fluoride ions has been required for the organic silicon compound used in Hiyama coupling reaction in order to increase the reactivity, that has caused sometimes the case of narrowng the selectivity of the reaction substrate.
HOMSi® reagent is easy to be handled with the following features as compared to the organic silicon compound used conventionally.

1. Features

  • Reacts with various halogen compounds such as Iodine, bromine and chlorine.
  • Capable of reacting under conditions without fluoride ions.
  • Capable of reacting under mild conditions (at a room temperature max. 75°C).
  • Since all the silicon are substituted for organic groups, it has a high stability.

2. Reaction Example

3. Product List

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* HOMSi® is the registered trademark of Advanced Molecular Technologies Pty Ltd.