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Selective reduction catalyst
Palladium-activated carbon diphenyl sulfide complex   (Pd: 8.5 ~ 11.5%)

This is a contact catalyst for reduction in which diphenyl sulfide is immobilized as a catalyst poison to palladium-activated carbon complex. It is useful for selective reduction of olefin, acetylene, nitro groups and azides in the coexistence of aromatic ketones, aromatic halogens, benzyl esters and N-Cbz protecting group.

  1. Features
  2. Example of reaction
  3. Related products

1. Features

  • Functional group-selective reduction catalyst
  • Low ignitible
  • Easily eliminated by filtration after reaction

2. Example of reaction
  • Selective reduction in the presence of a benzyl ester group

  • Selective reduction of aromatic amine under protection of Cbz group

  • Selective reduction in the presence of aromatic halogen compound

    Product Name Abbreviation Grade Package Size Wako Catalog No.
    Palladium-Activated Carbon Diphenyl Sulfide Complex Pd/C[Ph2S] for Organic Synthesis 1 g 160-24131
    5 g 166-24133

    3. Related products

    Apart from this product, reduction catalysts such as follows are available; palladium-activated carbon immobilized with ethylenediamine [Pd/C(en)], palladium carrying fibroin [Pd/Fib], palladium carrying polyethyleneimine [Pd/PEI] and osmium-activated carbon [Os/C]. They show excellent functional group selectivity and allow conversion of various reducing functional groups.

  • 5% Pd/C (en)

  • Pd/Fib

  • Pd/PEI

  • Os/C

    Product Name Abbreviation Package Size Wako Catalog No. Grade
    Osmium-Activated Carbon
    (Os 3.5~6.5%)
    Os/C 1 g 151-02881 for Organic Synthesis
    5 g 157-02883
    Palladium-Activated Carbon Ethylenediamine Complex
    (Pd 3.5~6.5%)
    5% Pd/C(en) 1 g 163-21441
    5 g 169-21443
    25 g 161-21442
    Palladium-Activated Carbon Ethylenediamine Complex
    (Pd 8.5~11.5%) 
    10% Pd/C(en) 1 g 167-23301
    5 g 163-23303
    Palladium-Fibroin Pd /Fib 1 g 167-22181
    5 g 163-22183
    Palladium-Polyethyleneimine Pd/PEI 1 g 161-22221
    5 g 167-22223
    * Each reagent is not intended for in-vitro diagnosis.
    * Suggested delivery price does not include consumption tax.

  • Home > Products > Chemicas > Palladium-activated carbon diphenyl sulfide complex