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Fungicides (Food Additives) Quantitative Reference Materials
Fludioxonil, Azoxystrobin, Pyrimethanil

Fludioxonil, azoxystrobin, pyrimethanil were designated as food additives (fungicides) in accordance with the partial revision of "Ordinance for Enforcement of the Food Sanitation Act (Ordinance of the Ministry of Health and Welfare No. 23, 1948) and Specifications and Standards for Food, Food Additives, etc., (Ministry of Health and Welfare Notification, No.370, 1959)".
Along with this, the specifications and standards for fludioxonil, azoxystrobin and pyrimethanil were established as food additives, and qNMR method was applied as the method for purity analysis for quantitative reference materials used in the quantitation method (purity assessment for food additives).
We provide standard materials for fludioxonil, azoxystrobin and pyrimethanil assessed for purity with use of qNMR method (purity assessment method for quantitative reference materials).

* Assessed for purity by National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Metrology Research Center : National Metrology Institute of Japan (NMIJ).

1. Quantitative Reference Materials

Product Name
Pkg. Size
Wako Cat. No.
Storage Condition
Fludioxonil Reference Material

Assay: 99.0+% (cGC)
CAS [131341-86-1]
100 mg 064-06001 TraceSure Keep at 2-10°C.
Azoxystrobin Reference Material

Assay: 99.0+% (cGC)
CAS [131860-33-8]
100 mg 010-24281
Pyrimethanil Reference Material

Assay: 98.0+% (cGC)
CAS [53112-28-0]
100 mg 163-25461

2. Internal Standards for qNMR

Product Name Pkg. Size Wako Cat. No. Grade Storage Condition
DSS-d6Reference Material 50 mg 044-31671 TraceSure Keep at 2-10°C.
1,4-BTMSB-d4Reference Material 50 mg 024-17031
Home > Products > Analysis > Food analysis > Fludioxonil, Azoxystrobin, Pyrimethanil