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Wakopak®   Ultra C18-2

UHPLC-applicable columns
Wakopak®   Ultra C18-2

In recent years, ultra high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) is utilized extensively as means for high-speed, high-performance analyses.
Wakopak® Ultra C18-2 is ODS column for ultra high performance liquid chromatography.
Use of high-pressure resistant silica gel of 2 μm particle diameter and filling under a high pressure equivalent to 75 MPa and higher have achieved excellent durability with high pressure tightness of columns and minimum risk of voids. The column body is optimized to filling of microparticles by special polishing of the inner surface.


      1.  Features
      2.  Relation of Theoretical Plate Number & Column Pressure to Flow Rate
      3.  Product List

Wakopak® Ultra C18-2
  • average particle diameter: 2 μm
  • average pore size: 10 nm
  • specific surface area: 340 m2/g
  • average pore volume: 0.9 mL/g
  • average carbon content: 16 %

  • 1. Features

    1. Low pressure and high theoretical plate number
      - Use of highly purified silica gel 2 μm in particle size
      - Sharp particle size distribution by fine classification
    2. High durability
      - Use of high pressure-resistant silica gel
      - Robust and high durability with the pressure tightness of column equal to 70 MPa
    3. Low adsorbability
      - Minimization of residual silanol group by modification of surface processing technique of fillers
      - Sharp separation of basic compounds
      - Applicability to wide pH ranges (pH 1.5 - 10)

    2. Relation of Theoretical Plate Number and Column Pressure to Flow Rate

    Flow Rate (mL/min) 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8
    Theoretical Plate Number 6,700 9,400 10,200 10,300
    Column Pressure (MPa)* 11.7 22.1 33.5 44.2

    Relation of Flaw rate to N and Column Pressure

    <UHPLC Condition>
  • Column: Wakopak® Ultra C18-2
    (2.1 mm x 50 mm)
  • Eluent: CH3CN/H2O = 60/40 (v / v)
  • Temperature: 40°C
  • Detection: UV 254 nm
  • Sample: Naphthalene

    Particle Size Distribution
    by Coulter counter system
  • 3. Product List
    Product Name Column size (mm) Package Size Wako Catalog No.
    Wakopak® Ultra C18-2
    <Colummn Type> Waters
    φ 2.1 x 30 (W) 1 unit 232-63483
    φ 2.1 x 50 (W) 1 unit 239-63493
    φ 2.1 x 75 (W) 1 unit 232-63503
    φ 2.1 x100 (W) 1 unit 239-63513
    φ 3.0 x 30 (W) 1 unit 236-63523
    φ 3.0 x 50 (W) 1 unit 233-63533
    φ 3.0 x 75 (W) 1 unit 230-63543
    φ 3.0 x 100 (W) 1 unit 237-63553


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