Wakopak® Wakosil-PTH

This column is designed for analysis of primary structures of proteins and peptides. PTH amino acids generated by Edman degradation can be analyzed with high reproducibility and sensitivity in a short time under isocratic conditions by using Wakosil-PTH column and its special eluent. The column can be applied to analysis of amino acids in food, pharmaceuticals, media and liquids through pretreatment appropriate to the sample.

  • 20 PTH-derivatized amino acids can be quickly (within 25 min) analyzed.
  • Easy-to-operate isocratic elution method
  • Analysis with high sensitivity and reproducibility
Simultaneous analysis of 20 PTH-derivatized amino acids
Column :Wakopak® Wakosil-PTH(4.6mm×250mm)
Eluent :PTH-Amino Acids Mobile Phase
Flow Rate :1.0 mL/min. at 40°C
Detection :UV 269 nm
Sample :1) Asp 8) Gly 15) Pro
  :2) Glu 9) Ala 16) Trp
  :3) Asn 10) Tyr 17) Phe
  :4) Gln 11) Arg 18) Lys
  :5) Ser 12) Δ Thr 19) Ile
  :6) Thr 13) Met 20) Leu
  :7) His 14) Val  
Wakopak® Wakosil-PTC

This column is designed to analyze amino acid composition through quantification of (PTC-derivatized) amino acids with high quantitativity obtained by PITC labeling method. Gradient analysis is performed with two special eluents A and B. This column uses not a conventional complicated gradient elution method, but a linear gradient method, and does not require special equipment. It can be used for analysis on almost all types of gradient HPLC systems.

  • Linear gradient elution method using special eluents
  • Usable for analysis on general-purpose HPLC systems
  • High sensitivity: Analysis of up to 1 pmol of sample
  • Small lot-to-lot variation, and high reproducibility
Simultaneous analysis of 17 PTC-derivatized amino acids
Column :Wakopak® Wakosil-PTC(4.0 mm × 200 mm)
Eluent :A)PTC-Amino Acids Mobile Phase A;B)PTC-Amino Acids Mobile Phase B linear gradient 0→15min.B:0→70%
Flow Rate :1.0 mL/min. at 40°C; Detection:UV 254 nm 0.32AUS
Sample :PTC-Amino Acids soln(. 250 pmol)
HPLC columns
Product Name Size Joint Type Package Size Wako Cat. No.
Wakopak® Wakosil PTH 4.0mm× 30mm D 1 unit 230-61681
4.6 mm × 250 mm D 1 unit 232-59311
W 1 unit 238-59313
S-PSQ 1 unit 239-63351
Wakopak® Wakosil PTC 4.0 mm × 150 mm D 1 unit 235-59281
W 1 unit 231-59283
4.0 mm × 200 mm D 1 unit 232-59291
W 1 unit 238-59293
4.0 mm × 250 mm D 1 unit 235-59301
W 1 unit 231-59303
Special Eluents
Product Name Grade Package Size Wako Cat. No.
PTH-Amino Acids Mobile Phase for SHIMADZU Protein Peptide Sequencer 1 L 161-14271
PTC-Amino Acids Mobile Phase A for Analysis of PTH-amino Acids 1 L 163-14971
PTC-Amino Acids Mobile Phase B for Analysis of PTH-amino Acids
1 L 160-14981

※If you intend to use WS-PTH on an amino acid sequence analyzer manufactured by Shimadzu Corporation, place an order for that for S-PSQ.