For analysis of dioxins, samples are treated for cleanup by multi-layer silica gel column chromatography, activated alumina chromatography or activated carbon silica gel chromatography. These cartridge columns are filled with solid-phase carriers for the treatment.

Design conforming to JIS K 0311 (Method for determination of dioxins and coplanar PCB in exhaust gas) and JIS K 0312
(Method for determination of dioxins and coplanar PCB in industrial water and waste water)

  1. The column plug and moisture-proof aluminum packaging bag are used to prevent quality deterioration during storage to keep stable quality.
  2. Suitability for analysis of dioxins * (Blank test for dioxins and coplanar PCB by high-resolution GC/MS has been implemented.)
  1. Fraction test for dioxins and coplanar PCB has been implemented. (Presep® Alumina, Activated DX)
  2. The use of eluent is reduced by the use of reverse elution method. (Presep® Active Carbon-impregnated Silica Gel Reverse Column)
* Except Presep® Multi-layer Silica Gel

Column chromatography tube: Glass tube with inside diameter of 15 mm

Description Wako Cat. No. (Pkg. Size)
Presep® Multi-layer Silica Gel 295-41651 ( 5 units )

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