The columns packed with Wakosil®-II 3C18 HG・RS・AR (particle size of 3 μm), Wakosill®-II 5C18 HG・RS・AR (particle size of 5 μm) and Handy ODS come with certificates which guarantee the performance of the packing materials. *1
We have attached “Wakopak® Column Performance Report” to each packed column to indicate the results of packing condition test of the column and guarantee the quality. In addition, for support for validation of analytical methods with the above-mentioned 7 kinds of ODS packing materials, we attach “Wakopak® Certificate of Analysis” which shows the specifications and actual measurements of the following items to guarantee the reproducibility of measurements within the standards.(1) Properties of the silica gel base material (2) Characteristics of the packing materials after ODS bonding These columns which support the validation are the conventional columns and come with the certificates which guarantee the quality of the packing materials.
*1: Except pre-columns and guard columns

The packing condition of each column is inspected to guarantee the quality.
・ Theoretical plate number (naphthalene)
・ Retention factor (naphthalene)
・ Separation factor (naphthalene/benzene)
・ Peak symmetry (naphthalene), tailing factor and symmetry factor (10% peak height)

Each lot of the packing material (unbonded silica or bonded silica) is tested to evaluate its performance and characteristics under relevant analytical conditions*2, and the measurements and specifications are shown.
*2: The analytical items vary depending on the kind of packing material.

・ Particle size distribution
・ Pore diameter, specific surface area and pore volume
・ Loss on drying

・ Carbon content
・ Loss on drying
・ Theoretical plate number (naphthalene)
・ Retention capacity (naphthalene)
・ Separation factor (naphthalene/benzene)
・ Peak symmetry (naphthalene), tailing factor and symmetry factor (10% peak height)
・ Separation factor (pyridine/phenol) … Inactivity to basic compounds
・ Symmetry factor (procainamide and 2,4,6-trimethylpyridine) … Inactivity to basic compounds
・ Retention time (dopamine and DOPA) … Polar substance retention property
・ Tailing factor (oxine-Cu) … Inactivity to metal coordination compounds
・ Planarity recognition ability (triphenylene/dibenz[a,h]anthracene)

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