Ensure higher performance of LC/MS (MS) !
LC/MS (liquid chromatography-mass spectrometer) is widely used for the analysis of various compounds such as body, food and environmental samples. Particularly in recent years, it is also applied to the analysis of environmental pollutants or trace amounts of drug metabolite as a result of advanced developments and drastic improvements of the interface parts of devices.
Wakopak® MS-5C18GT is a packed column optimized for LC/MS analysis. ODS, which has high separation efficiency and high durability, is adopted as the filler. The inside wall of the stainless column is glass lined to allow maximum inactivation, and high purity titanium is used for the column inlet and outlet frit to minimize nonspecific adsorption.
A Selection Guide for Each Column
・ The glass lined inside wall of the stainless column allows maximum inactivation.
・ Excellent peak shapes and recovery rates in analyses of trace components within biological samples.

Retention capability

Column :Wakopak® MS-5C18 GT(2.0mm×150mm)
Eluent :CH3CN/CH3OH/H2O=25/25/50(v/v/v)
Flow Rate :0.2ml/min. at 40℃
Sample :1)Estriol(E3)
Injection Vol.:2μl

LCQ(Thermo Quest) :ESI(−)
Sheath Gas Flow(arb): 80
Aux Gas Flow(arb) : 10
Spray Voltage(kV) : 5
Capillary Temp(℃) : 240
Capillary Voltage(V) : −46
Tube Lens Offset(V) : −20

Description Column Size Joint Type Wako Cat. No.( Pkg. Size)
Wakopak® MS-5C18 GT 2.0 mm × 50 mm D −   ( 1 unit )
2.0 mm × 100mm D −   ( 1 unit )
2.0 mm × 250mm D −   ( 1 unit )
※ Glass lined columns are available. The joint is DuPont Type only.

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