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Wakopak® Wakosil (WS) Series inclues packed columns with HPLC packing based on full porus spherical silica gel. This series includes columns with various separation modes such as reversed-phase partition columns. Wakosil®-Ⅱ Series using higher purified silica gel with low metallic contamination and special columns for analysis of specific samples are also available.

A Selection Guide for Each Column
Wakosil® Series
 1. Using full-spherical silica gel.
 2. Stable in long-time usage due
   to high particle strength.
 3. Low pressure loss.
 4. Packings with various
   separation mode are
Wakosil®-Ⅱ Series
 1. Using high purified silica gel with low metallic contamination.
 2. High-purity separation with high flow rate due to low pressure
 3. Higher theoretical platenumber and higher separation capacity.
 4. Variety of column sizes serves vairous uses.
  For high sensitive analysis, LC/MS: Semimicro columns
  (3C18 and 5C18 series)
  For short-time analysis: Shorter columns (3C18 and 5C18 series)
  For routine analysis: Conventional columns (5C18 series)
  For Preparative isolation: Semi-preparative columns
  (C18 Prep series)

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A Selection Guide for Each Column
1. Best for analysis of metal coordination with high purified silica gel.
2. Sharpened separation of basic compounds due to end-capping treatment.
3. Higher theoretical plate number and higher separation capacity.

Metal Coordination
Basic Compound

A Selection Guide for Each Column
Sample :1)Scopolamine HBr
      2)Atropine Sulfate
Column size :4.6mm×150mm
Eluent :CH3CN/50mM KH2PO4,
Flow Rate :1.0ml/min.
Detection :UV 210nm

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