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One-step size switching from analytical to preparative

* Realization of uniform separating characteristics of all
sizes of columns from analytical through preparative
(filled with the same carrier)
* 5-μm filler ensuring low pressure and reasonable price
* Use of high-purity silica gel
* Like 5C18 Series, this series includes three types, HG, RS and AR. The conditions of preparative isolation can be switched easily.

* Determine the preparative isolation conditions with the analytical column (4.6 mm × 250 mm).
* Set the sample load and flow velocity based on the ratio of the sectional area of analytical column to that of preparative column.
* Perform preparative isolation using the preparative column.
Column: 20 mm×250 mm
Eluent: CH3CN/H2O=80/20(v/v)
Flow Rate: 5.0 mL/min.
Detection: UV 254 nm
Sample: 1)Uracil、2)Benzene、3)Naphthalene

Wakopak® Wakosil-Ⅱ 5C18 HG Prep Column: 4.6 mm×250 mm、20 mm×250 mm、33 mm×250 mm、50 mm×250 mm
Eluent: CH3CN/H2O=65/35(v/v)
Sample: Dipropyl phthalate、Dibutyl phthalate

Wakopak® Wakosil-Ⅱ 5C18 HG Prep
0-28 min. A:100%
28-40 min. B:100%
Detection:UV 300 nm 12.8 AUFS
Sample:Bufonis venenum
     (0.5 g/mL in CH3OH)
Column Size :4.6 mm×250 mm 20 mm×250 mm 33 mm×250 mm 50 mm×250 mm
Flow Rate :1.0 mL/min. at R.T.
18.9 mL/min. at R.T. 51.5 mL/min. at R.T. 115.8 mL/min. at R.T.
Pressure :60 kg/cm2 54 kg/cm2 58 kg/cm2 60 kg/cm2
Sample :20 μL 380 μL 1.0 mL 2.3 mL

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