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These fillers are produced through octadecyl silylation and end-capping based on our unique surface treatment technique. They realize excellent peak shaping and reproducibility for a wide range of samples from acid to basic. Wakopak® Wakosil C18 contains 20% of carbon and has high retention capacity and high separation capacity. It is suitable particularly for samples which have high polarity and are weakly retained. Wakopak® Wakosil 5C18 AR is a polymeric ODS filler which minimizes the leak of ODS and shows excellent durability even in an acid mobile phase or under water-rich condition. Wakopak® Wakosil C18-200 has a low content of carbon, 12%, and is capable of quick analysis. However, it shows a separation capacity similar to that of Wakopak® Wakosil C18 and ensures high separation.

Although these fillers are subjected to end-capping after octadecyl silylation,they contain a slight amount of residual silanol. They are useful in separation of glycosides and medicines with the aid of reversed-phase partition and adsorption by the slight amount of silanol. For neutral samples, they show retention characteristics similar to those of the high-performance end-cap type fillers.

Although the silica gel surfaces are subjected to the highest level of octadecyl silylation, end-capping is not performed. The adsorptivity of silanol in the fillers is higher than in Wakopak® Wakosil-T type. Wakopak® Wakosil 5C18N has a larger amount of residual silanol and a higher adsorbing effect compared to 5C18-200N because of differences in physical properties of silica gel between them. It is useful in separation and analysis of regioisomers or compounds having similar structures.

Column Size : 4.6 mm×150 mm
Eluent :
CH3CN/10 mM
KH2PO4-K2HPO4 buffer(pH 7.0)=50/50
Flow Rate : 1.0 mL/min.
Detection : UV 254 nm
Sample : 1)Pyridine
      3)Methyl Benzoate
Column Size : 4.6 mm×150 mm
Eluent : n-Hexane
Flow Rate : 1.0 mL/min.
Detection : UV 254 nm
Sample : 1)Benzene

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