Silica gel has a high physical strength and is used most frequently for analysis and purification as carriers for HPLC and lowand medium-pressure column and open column chromatography. Various kinds of silica gel are available for a wide range of uses from analysis to large-scale purification and fractionation.

WakosilR Series (spherical silica gel)

C Series
  1. Compared to the granular type, the spherical type excels in flow characteristic and can be handled easier.
  2. The particle size distribution is sharp, and separation and fractionation can be performed at a high flow velocity.
  1. Sharp sample bands, and improved separation ability
  2. Suitable for large-scale fractionation and refining

WakogelR Series (irregular silica gel)

C Series
Totally porous irregular silica gel used for fractionation and purification.  Since the adsorption capacity is large, the sample loading can be increased.  The silica gel can be applied to a wide range of uses from open column chromatography to low-pressure and flash chromatography.

C Series HG (High Grade) type
High-grade silica gel having lower particle size and sharp particle size distribution for flash chromatography and lowand medium-pressure chromatography.  This silica gel has the same physical properties as those of the conventional C Series, but it can be used at higher flow velocities because the sorting method has been improved and it contains almost no fine powder.  The prices are almost identical to those of the conventional products.

C Series E (economy) type
The particle size of the silica gel is identical to that of the conventional C-100, C-200 and C-300, but part of the manufacturing process was modified to realize the low prices.

LP Series
For this series, the same raw materials as those of C Series are used. (The same materials are used for FC Series and B Series silica gel for TLC.)  It is easy to switch to another chromatography process.

FC Series
Silica gel whose particle size has been reduced and particle size distribution has been sharpened for flash chromatography

<FC-40FM (containing mixed fluorescent)
  1. It is possible to determine the devoloping solvent composition while observing the state of separation of the components during developing by irradiating with a UV lamp.
  2. It is required only to take fractions containing necessary components by irradiating with a UV lamp. It is unnecessary to check a lot of fractions by TLC.
Q Series
This series is widely used for analysis and purification of petrochemical products. The series conforms to Davison Grade.

<Use of each grade>
Q-12: Product having improved aromatic hydrocarbon adsorption ability and preventing alteration of olefins.
Separation of aromatic hydrocarbons in petrochemical industry and coal tar industry
Q-22: Separation of aromatic hydrocarbons and olefins according to type
Q-23: Analysis of liquid saturated hydrocarbons and aromatic hydrocarbons
Q-50: Analysis of liquid saturated hydrocarbons, olefins and aromatic hydrocarbons by FIA
Q-63: Equivalent to Davison Grade 63

WakogelR S-1
Wakogel® S-1 is silica gel having specific activity to separate PCB and organochlorine pesticide which used not to be able to be analyzed separately due to their similar properties.

WakogelR 50NH2
Silica gel modified with aminopropyl group.
It can be used as packing materials for medium-pressure,flash and open chromatography and solid phase extraction columns.

Wako Product Information - Chromatography - 8th Edition

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