Activated alumina is widely used in the chromatography field because of its strong activity and high separation ability. It is characterized by nonreactivity with general solvents and low reactivity with solutes. In addition, its activity can be changed in stages by changing the water content in it, and its ability to adsorb solutes can be regulated.

Product name Grade Appearance Particle size pH Sedimentation
Note Package Size Wako
Cat. No.
Alumina, Activated for Column Chromatography, abt. 45 μm white powder pass 75 μm:
90+ %
9.0~11.0 1.1~1.7
basic 500 g 010-01525
for Column Chromatography,
abt. 75 μm
white powder 45~150 μm:
90+ %
9.0~11.0 0.9~1.5
500 g 019-08295
for Catechol Amine Analysis white powder pass 75 μm:
20+ %
2~5 washed
with acid
100 g 018-09561

Wako Product Information - Chromatography - 8th Edition

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