Biopolymers including functional proteins such as enzymes are isolated and purified normally through several separation steps. The ion exchange chromatography is one of the important methods included in these steps. The carriers are obtained by chemically bonding cellulose and ion exchange groups.

  • High exchange capacity for proteins as well as well as other polymers
  • Since they are available in the preswollen microgranular form, it makes acid or alkali treatment and removal of particulates are unnecessary. It can be used immediately after replacement with the buffer used.
  • The lot-to-lot variation is low, and high reproducibility.

  CM-Cellulose DEAE-Cellulose
Ion exchange group Cation exchange Anion exchange
Carboxymethyl Diethylaminoethyl
Ion exchange capacity(meq/dry gram) 0.90 ~ 1.15 0.88 ~ 1.08
Effective exchange capacity(meq/dry gram) 1180 700
Product Name Grade Pkg. Size Wako Cat. No.
CM-Cellulose for Column Chromatography 100g 033-19361
500g 035-19365
DEAE-Cellulose for Column Chromatography 100g 041-26171
500g 043-26175