Carrers for TLC


Silica gel carriers widely used mainly for separation of acid or neutral substances. When the sample is a neutral substance and has one or two functional groups, the sample is developed in a single or mixed solvent system by using an activated thin layer. When the sample is an organic base, a small amount of ammonia or diethylamine is added to the eluent. To separate an acid compound, a small amount of acetic acid is added. When an eluent contains water, Wakogel? is mixed with water to form a thin layer. It is unnecessary to heat it for activation.


Since alumina has basicity, it is unnecessary to add any base to the eluent. When the sample is a basic substance, alumina is more suitable than silica gel.


Kieselguhr is a carrier for partition chromatography. It is used frequently for separation of molecules, such as amino acids and saccharides, which have large polarity, and isomers having similar structures.


Polyamide is a polymer having an acid-amide bond (-CONH-). Polyamide itself is neutral and has a larger adsorption capacity than inorganic adsorbents. It shows excellent separation of DNP amino acids, glycosides, carboxylic acids, aromatic nitro compounds and, particularly, phenols (simple phenols, bromophenols, phenolic alkaloids, etc.).

Product Name Package Size Wako Cat. No. Grade
Wakogel® B-0 (not containing binder)(45 μm 80% up) 500g 235-00015  
Wakogel® B-0 F(not containing binder)(45 μm 80% up) 250 g 237-00651  
Wakogel® B-5 (binder 5%)(45 μm 80% up) 500 g 232-00025  
Wakogel® B-5 F (binder 5%)(45 μm 80% up) 250 g 234-00041  
5 kg 230-00043
Wakogel® B-5 FM (binder 5%)(45 μm 80% up) 250 g 230-00521  
Wakogel® B-10 (binder 10%)(45 μm 80% up) 500 g 239-00035  
5 kg 230-00043
Alumina B-0 (not containing binder) 250 g 014-01621 for Thin Layer Chromatography
Alumina B-5 (binder 5%) 250 g 011-01631  
Alumina B-10 (binder 10%) 500 g 018-01641  
500 g 010-01645  
Alumina B-10F (binder 10%) 250 g 015-01651  
Alumina B-10FM (binder 10%) 250 g 013-08651  
Kieselguhr B-10 (binder 10%) 250 g 114-00091  
Kieselguhr B-0 (not containing binder) 100 g 167-06181  
Polyamide B-10 (binder 10%) 100 g 164-06191  

color former

Ninhydrine Spray

Ninhydrine Spray can be used easily for qualitative and quantitative analyses of amino acids, etc. in paper chromatography and thin-layer chromatography. When the sprayed color former is heated to approx. 120 to 150°C, amino acids and amino sugars will turn blue, and they can be detected. Since the spray can is provided with a cap to discharge gas, it can be easily discarded.

Ninhydrine for amino acid automated analyzer is dissolved in denatured alcohol at a ratio of approx. 0.7%.

Remove the cap on the top of the spray can, and spray the liquid uniformly at a distance of approx. 20 to 40 cm from the dried surface developed by TLC. Then, heat the surface.

Product Name Package Size Wako Cat. No. Grade
Ninhydrine Spray 200 mL 145-08601 for Thin Layer Chromatography


Product Name Package Size Wako Cat. No. Grade
Calcium Sulfate Calcined 100 g 036-05441 for Thin Layer Chromatography