For analysis of the pesticides designated as the items to set the targets for water quality management by the Waterworks Law, simultaneous analysis methods using GC/MS and LC/MS are used. For organophosphorus pesticides, their oxone forms have been successively added to the substances to be analyzed. Since April, 2008, the oxone forms of compounds related to fenthion (MPP) have been added as the substances to be analyzed. We have launched products mixed with the pesticides, including the added oxone forms, to be subject to simultaneous analysis by GC/MS and LC/MS.
15 Pesticides Mixture Standard Solution WQ-2(containing 20 μg/mL each in acetone solution)

Wako Catalog No.163-23881(1 mL × 5A)

Mixed composition
5. Isoxathion oxon 23. Chlorpyrifos oxon 71. Fenthion (MPP) sulfone
6. Diazinon oxon 31. Tolclofos-methyl oxon 71.
Fenthion (MPP) oxon sulfone
7. MEP oxon 41. Butamifos oxon 71. Fenthion (MPP) sulfoxide
16. EPN oxon 69. Benzoepin sulfate 71.
Fenthion (MPP) oxon sulfoxide
22. Isofenphos oxon 71. Fenthion (MPP) oxon 73.
The leading figures are the numbers shown in "Items to set the targets for water quality management: Item 15 - Pesticides."
Chromatogram by GC/MS
Shimadzu QP-2010
Column :Length: 30 m Inside diameter: 0.32 mm Liquid phase film thickness: 0.25 μm
Column Temp. :80°C(1min)→15°C/min→170°C→3°C/min→200°C →10°C/min→300°C(10 min)
Injection Temp. :220°C
Carrier Gas :He 50cm/sec
Injection Mode :Splitless, 1 min
Injection Volume :1 μL
Ion mode :EI
Interface Temp. :280°C
Ion Source Temp. :230°C

Scan Rate(m/z)