Carrers for TLC

Wakopak® Wakosil AS-Aqua

Presep®-C C18

Detergent-derived sodium alkylbenzene sulfonates (C10 to C14) remaining in tap water or raw water contain mixed isomers, and eluted substances show many peaks with an ODS column. Wakopak® Wakosil AS-Aqua separates isomers of each carbon number as one peak. Therefore, it is useful in improving the detection sensitivity and reducing the analysis time.

Sample Pretreatment

Conforming to revised Waterworks Law (enforced on Apr. 1st, 2004 in Japan)

Solid-phase extraction conditions
Analysis of standard solution for anionic surfactant test HPLC analysis conditions
HPLC analysis conditions
Eluent :CH3CN/H2O=65/35(v/v)、addition of 12.3 g of NaClO4 per 1000 mL
Detection :Fluorescence detection, ex. 221 nm, em. 284 nm
Injection :each10mg/L(CH3OH)、10μL
Sample :Standard solution for anionic surfactant test
(sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate: C10, C11, C12, C13 and C14)

※ Remarks
Linear Anionic Surfactant Standard Solutions (L) are commercially available. They show behaviors different from those of the actual detergent components (the standard solutions containing branched chains handled by Wako) in HPLC analysis. Wakopak® Wakosil AS-Aqua can recognize and separate linear chains and branched chains.