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Wakosil®-II 3C18 Series includes analytical fast LC columns filled with 3-μm ODS silica gel. Compared to 5-μm ODS columns, these columns are made shorter to reduce the analysis time and obtain improved separation performance.

It has been pointed out that the column pressure is higher when a filler having a particle size of 3 μm is used. For Wakosil®-II 3C18 Series, the accuracy of classification has been improved to minimize the column pressure. Compared to other manufacturers’ columns filled with 3-μm silica gel, these columns have reduced column pressure and higher operability from the viewpoints of column life and safety.

Column Size : 4.6 mm×100 mm
EIuent : CH3CN/H2O
Flow Rate : 1.0 mL/min.
       at 30℃
Detection : UV 254 nm
Sample :
9)3, 4-Benzpyrene

Wakosil®-II 3C18 Series can make the best use of the original performance of the 3-μm filler through advanced packing technology. In the case where separation is performed with a 150-mm-long column filled with 5-μm filler, if 3-μm filler is used, sufficient separation performance can be obtained by selecting a 100-mm-long column. The analysis time can be reduced by decreasing the column size. Fast columns are effective in speeding up analysis and deliver high performance when used in routine work.

EIuent : A)CH3CN/CH3OH=1/1(v/v)
     B)5 % CH3COOH
Flow Rate : 1.0 mL/min. at R.T.
Detection : UV 280 nm 0.512 AUFS
Sample : 1)PG、2)THBP、3)TBHQ、4)NDGA
      each 100 μg/mL CH3OH
Inj. Volume : 10 μL

EIuent : A)50 mM NaClO4-H3PO4(pH 2.5)
Flow Rate : 1.0 mL/min. at 40℃
Detection : UV 225 nm 0.128 AUFS
Sample : each 50μg/mL 50 % CH3OH
Inj. Volume : 5 μL

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