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Presep® RPP-SAX Type 3S is a sample pretreatment column filled with a polymer resin obtained by introducing anion-exchange groups to a polymer having hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups and has both reverse-phase and anion-exchange properties. The column can be used to selectively extract acidic compounds and extract pharmaceutical products and their metabolites from biological samples (urine, blood, etc.)

*1) 2 mol/L CH3COONa (pH 7.0) buffer
     containing reference standard
*2) Measurement by GC/MS or HPLC can be performed
     by changing the re-dissolved solution according to
     the compound to be measured.
Note: Biological samples are diluted with buffers to
           adjust the pH.

Column: BPX-5(0.32 mmφ×30 m, 0.25 μm film thickness)
Injection method: High-pressure split-less injection
Vaporization chamber temperature: 250℃
Column temperature: 70℃(2 min.)→180℃/min.→320℃(7 min.)
High-pressure injection: 100 kPa (1 min.)
Injection volume: 3 μL
Ionization mode: EI
Interface temperature: 280℃
Ion source temperature: 230℃
Measurement mode: SIM mode
Ionization voltage: 70 eV
Standard solution recovery (GC/MS)
Compound Standard additive amount Presep® RPP-SAX
ng/Column Recovery (%)
Methamphetamine 100 117
Metoxyphenamine 100 108
Nicotine 200 94
Theophylline 500 122

Column: Wakopak® Wakosil-Ⅱ 5C18 HG(4.6 mm×150 mm)
Eluent: A)0.1 % H3PO4, B)CH3CN
Time program: 0-15 min. B 5-85%, 15-25 min. B 5%
Flow Rate: 1.0 mL/min. at 40℃
Injection Vol.: 5 μL
Detection: UV 210 nm
Standard solution recovery (HPLC)
Compound Standard additive amount Presep® RPP-SAX
μg/Column Recovery (%)
Theophylline 5 97.1
Scopolamine Hydrobromide 25 106.6
Caffeine 5 101.7
Atropine Sulfate 25 108.0
Barbital 10 102.7
Nortriptyline Hydrochloride 10 103.5
Salicylic Acid 10 106.8
Naproxen 10 83.9

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