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Wakopak® Fluofix-II 120E

Wakopak® Fluofix-II 120E is a HPLC column packed with a fluoro silane compound modified to highly purified spherical 5 μm silica-gel with advanced filling technology. The end-capping efficiency of Fluofix-II 120E is remarkably improved and its non-specific adsorption is minimized compared with the existing product.
Because of its higher retention capacity than that of the existing one, Fluofix-II 120E has higher selectivity and versatility.
While the separation mode of this column is basically reversed phase like hydrocarbon modified silica-gel column (ODS, C8, etc.), its retention capacity in general (low-molecular hydrocarbons) is comparable as C4. Because of its strong hydrophobic/lipophobic properties as well as its molecular structure, this column specifically shows highly specifically retaining and separating capabilities depending on the characteristics of the samples.

Unique separation characteristics

- Improvement in specific selectivities
- Improvement of recognition capacity of halogen compounds such as fluorides
- Basic compounds are also applicable.
- Sharp chromatogram with hydrophobic/lipophobic properties
- Recognition of specific compounds by adamant branched fluorocarbon chain
- High durability by chemically stable fluorocarbon

Analytical column (inside diameter x length, mm) Precolumn (inside diameter x length, mm)
2.0 X 50 -
2.0 X 150 -
2.0 X 250 -
4.6 X 150 4.6 X 30
4.6 X 250 4.6 X 50
Home > Products > Analysis and Environment > Wakopak® Fluofix-II 120E