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Novel Angiogenesis Promoter

2-Cl-C.OXT-A is a novel nucleic acid analogue which is found to be an angiogenesis promoter.

VEGF, PDGF, HGF and Angiopoietin are generally known as factors related to angiogenic activity. They are high molecular weight peptides which are chemically and biologically unstable.

On the other hand, 2-Cl-C.OXT-A is a low-molecular weight compounds which stimulates tube formation of human umbilical endothelial cells (HUVEC).

  1. Features
  2. Data
  3. Action of 2-Cl-C.OXT-A
  4. Reference
  5. Product List

1.   Features

  • Low Molecular Compound
  • Shows angiogenic potency.
    (The tube formation, proliferation and migration of HUVEC in vitro / Angiogenic potency in vivo were confirmed in CAM assay and rabbit cornea assay.)
  • Induces Phosphorylation of MEK (MAPKK) and ERK1/2 (MAPK) but does not stimulate VEGFR-2 in HUVEC.

2.   Data
3.   Action of 2-Cl-C.OXT-A
The effects of 2-Cl-C.OXT-A on the tube formation proliferation and migration of HUVEC.

Action of 2-Cl-C.OXT-A

4.   Reference
Tsukamoto, I. et al.: A novel nucleic acid analogue shows strong angiogenic activity, BBRC, 399, 699-704 (2010).

5.   Product List

Product Name Package Size Wako Catalog No. Storage Condition
<for Cellbiologys>
1 mg 032-21541 Store at
Room Temperature
5 mg 038-21543

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Home > Products > Life Science > 2-Cl-C.OXT-A