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A New Reducing Agent Replacing 2-Mercaptoethanol

2-Mercaptoethanol is in extensive uses including protection of SH group in a protein, breakage of disulfide bond and extraction of crude proteins.   However, 2-mercaptoethanol and preparations containing it were designated to poisons by the revision of the Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Act in Japan in 2008 and control has been tightened.   3-Mercapto-1,2-Propanediol is a new reducing agent replacing 2-mercaptoethanol.   It has been confirmed to show reducing potential equal to 2-mercaptoethanol by the SDS-PAGE.  Its DNase and RNase activities have already been confirmed as a product of molecular biological grade.

2-Mercaptoethanol and 3-Mercapto-1,2-Propanediol were compared as reducing agents in a sample buffer. To mouse IgG used as the sample, the sample buffer containing either reducing agent was added and electrophoresis was performed. The result demonstrated the reducing ability of 3-Mercapto-1,2-Propanediol comparable to that of 2-Mercaptoethanol.

Product List
Product name Gade Package Size (Wako Catalgo No.)
3-Mercapto-1,2-propanediol for Molecular Biology   25 mL (#139-16452)
100 mL (#131-16451)

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Home > Products > Life Science > 3-Mercapto-1,2-Propanediol