Genetic Research

Convenient Solution type 5-FOA

100 mg/mL 5-Fluoroorotic Acid, DMSO Solution

Wako Catalog No. 060-05481   (5 mL)


Easy-to-use solution type

Useful as a selectable marker for yeast

Chemical Structure

Product Profile

· Appearance: Colorless ~ nearly colorless, clear liquid

· Concentration: 97.0 ~ 103.0 mg/mL

· Solvent: DMSO

· Storage: Keep at -20°C in the dark place

· Expiration date: 2 years after the production


5-Fluoroorotic acid has lethal activity only against yeast cells which synthesize Orotidine-5'-P(OMP) Decarboxylase.  Therefore, it can be used to confirm and select the yeast strains which has OMP Decarboxylase coding gene. This product is a DMSO solution in which poorly soluble 5-fluoroorotic acid is dissolved. You can use this by just adding it to the medium to give the desired concentration. It makes preparation easier.

Product Lineup

Wako Cat. No. (Pkg.Size)
Solution type
100 mg/mL 5-Fluoroorotic Acid, DMSO Soln.
for Genetic Research
060-05481 (5 mL)
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