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Microglia-specific antibody
Anti Iba1, Rabbit

Iba 1 is a calcium-binding protein with a molecular weight of 17,000 specifically expressed in macrophage/microglia.
Recently, microglia has attracted attentions because in addition to its role in neurotrophic effects/neuroprotective actions, neurological damage effect by production of NO, TNF-α, and IL-1β have been also proved.
Since this product is a rabbit polyclonal antibody that specifically reacts with microglia, it is appropriate for a double stain with anti-GFAP monoclonal antibody specific to astrocytes, for example.

1. LINK to Leaflets

Leaflet · Labeled Anti Iba1 Link to Leaflet (1.5 MB / 2p)
Leaflet ·Monoclonal Antibodies Link to Leaflet (1.2 MB / 2p)

2. Features

  1. Antigen: Synthetic peptide corresponding to C-terminus of Iba1
  2. Form: TBS Solution (1 mg/mL)
  3. Purification: Purified by the antigen affinity chromatography from rabbit antisera
  4. Specificity:
              Specific to microglia and macrophage, but not cross-reactive with neuron and astrocyte.
              Reactive with human, mouse an rat Iba1.
  5. Usage:
              1. Anti Iba1, Rabbit (for immunocytochemistry) is appropriate for immunocytochemistry. It can be used at 1 to 2 μg/mL
              2. Anti Iba1, Rabbit (for Western blotting) is appropriate for Western blotting. It can be used at 0.5 to 1 μg/mL.

3. Example for use - Immunocytochemistry -

Images of a double stain and a phase contrast of the same field in rat primary mixed culture cells

Images of a double stain and a phase contrast of the same field in rat primary mixed culture cells

4. Example for use - Immunohistostaining -

Mouse whole mount retina Mouse retinal cryosection

The data were provided by Prof. Dr. Lieve Moons, KU Leuven in Belgium.

5. Example for use - Western blotting -

Western blotting

6. Recommended Protocol


  Application frozen sections

  1. Rat or mouse was perfusion-fixed with 4% paraformaldehyde,
    replaced sucrose, and prepared 50μm brain section by microtome.
  2. Wash with 0.3% TritonX-100 in PBS, 5 min ×3.
  3. Incubate with blocking buffer(1 % BSA, 0.3 % TritonX-100/PBS), 2hours,RT.
  4. Incubate with Anti Iba1 Antibody (1:1,000)(Wako Catalog No. 019-19741) in the blocking buffer(1 % BSA, and 0.3 % TritonX-100 in PBS), over night, 4°C.
  5. Wash with 0.3% TritonX-100 in PBS, 5 min ×3.
  6. Incubate with AlexaFlour488 anti-rabbit IgG(1:200) in the blocking buffer(1% BSA, and 0.3 % TritonX-100 in PBS), 2hour,RT.
  7. Wash with 0.3% TritonX-100 in PBS, 5 min ×3.
  8. Mount

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8. Product List

Product Name Pkg.e Size Wako Cat. No. Grade Storage Condition
Anti Iba1, Rabbit     (for Immunocytochemistry)
50 μg
for Immunochemistry
Keep at -20°C.
Anti Iba1, Rabbit     (for Western blotting)
50 μg

9. Related Products

Product Name Pkg. Size Wako Cat. No. Grade Storage Condition
Anti Iba1, Rabbit, Biotin-conjugated ⇒ details
100 μL
for Immunochemistry
Keep at 2 ~ 10°C
Anti Iba1, Rabbit, Red Fluorochrome (635)-conjugated ⇒ details
100 μL
Anti Iba1, Monoclonal Antibody (NCNP24) ⇒ details
10 μg
Keep at -20°C
50 μg
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