for Detection and Purification of Recombinant Tag Fusion Protein     eBook of Anti Tag, monoclonal antibodies against DYKDDDDY, GST, 6xHis, c-Myc & HA tag eBook

Anti Tag, Monoclonal Antibodies
    against DYKDDDDK, GST, 6 x His, c-Myc & HA tag



High affinity

High reproducibility

Low cost

We have created a lineup of MAb products
detecting a DYKDDDDK tag, GST tag,
6x His tag, c-Myc tag, and HA tag. These products can be used for both immune precipitation and western blot analysis, and there's even an HRP-labeled antibody available.

Product Lineup



Anti DYKDDDDK tag, Monoclonal Antibodyi1E6j
This antibody has been recognized DYKDDDDK peptide sequences more specifically than the products of Vendor S.