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For rheumatology and tissue fibrosis research
Anti CTGF, Monoclonal Antibody

Anti CTGF, Monoclonal AntibodyCTGF is a secreted protein of about 38 kDa produced from umbilical veins and vascular endothelial cells . CTGF is consistof four modules, and regulates chondrocyte proliferation / differentiation and intercellular adhesion. Some reports showed that CTGF is involved in various diseases such as cancer, renal failure, liver failure and rheumatism. This items are mouse monoclonal antibodies established by DNA immunization, specifically react with native form CTGF. it has neutralizing activity.


2. Features

■CTGF Neutralizing Activity
  Suppression of arthritis model animals (mice)

Each 4 clone recognize each module 1, 2, 3, and 4, respectively

Anti CTGF, Monoclonal Antibody

3. In vitro neutralization assay - inhibition of osteoclastognenesis-


Anti CTGF, Monoclonal Antibody


Enhancement of osteoclastogenesis by CTGF were repressed all CTGF antibodies.

①PBMCs are collected from whole human blood and CD14+ cell is isolated.
②CD14+ cells are cultured for 7days (37℃, 5%CO2 ) with α- MEM (add 10% FBS) ,MCSF(25ng/mL), sRANKL (40ng/mL)and antiCTGF Abs.
③Osteoclasts (TRAP positive cells) were counted by optical microscopy.

This data was provided by Dr. Miyashita and Dr. Sekigawa of Institute for Environmental and Gender Specific Medicine, Juntendo University in Japan.


4. in vivo neutralization assay -suppression of arthritis model animals (mice)-

Anti CTGF, Monoclonal Antibody

Mice treated with anti-CTGF module1 Ab significantly suppressed arthritis compared to the untreated mice with collagen induced arthritis.


DBA/1J mice (Female, 7-8 weeks of age) were immunized intradermally at the base of the tail with 100 μL of emulsion (in which emulsified in equal amounts of bovine type II collagen and Freund’s complete adjuvant (CFA) ). The anti-CTGF antibody was intraperitoneally administered 1 week before the start of immunization, and administered once a week for a total of 8 times. Evaluation of limb arthritis was performed once a week until immunization for 8 weeks. (Refer to the table below for evaluation criteria)

Arthritis point criteria

Point Observation
0 No change
1 Regional reddening of limbs, or swelling and reddening of one finger
2 Swelling of limbs' joints, or swelling of two or more fingers
3 Medium - prominent swelling of hands and feet
4 Remarkable swelling and reddening of limbs, or hardening

This data was provided by  Dr. Nozawa  and Dr. Sekigawa of  Institute for Environmental and Gender Specific Medicine, Juntendo University  in Japan.


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5. Product Lists

Product Name Pkg. Size Wako Cat. No. Storage Condition

Anti CTGF Module1, Monoclonal Antibody(30D2)




Keep at -20℃

Anti CTGF Module2, Monoclonal Antibody(2-3)




Anti CTGF Module3, Monoclonal Antibody(3-54)




Anti CTGF Module4, Monoclonal Antibody(4-69)




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